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Your guide to smart electronic locks for businesses

Today, modern businesses are all about simplifying and being more effective. Simple structures and systems ensure enhanced productivity while saving valuable time and money. Access control and security are two processes that can take up a lot of precious resources and time. The issuing of keys and keycards and keeping up registers of who has access to which parts of a building are all admin tasks that have become repetitive and take up a lot of time. This is why many businesses are looking for improved and more efficient solutions.

For many, smart locks are the answer. These electronic locks can take away all the unnecessary tasks and time spent trying to manually manage access control.

What exactly are smart locks?

Smart locks are locks used to lock doors between rooms, offices, parts of a factory or at the entrances of premises. Smart locks differ from conventional locks in that they are typically connected to WiFi and remotely controlled via a smartphone app or software on a computer.

Smart locks also usually feature electronically controlled deadbolt locking mechanisms. Authorised staff can use their biometrics, smartphone app or access card to lock and unlock the doors with smart locks installed. These systems give the owner or person responsible for access much more control over who enters and leaves a building.

Benefits of using smart locks for businesses

Transforming a regular business to a smart business is the way forward, and a good way to start the process is by simplifying the access control of buildings. There are many benefits to digitising access control with smart locks, including:

  • Enhanced security

Installing smart locks can greatly improve security measures. Conventional keys can be easily copied or given to unwanted persons to enter the premises. Also, lost keys can be an issue with manual locks. Smart locks enable business owners to predetermine authorised staff or people and load them as such on the system, giving them keyless entry when needed. Smart locks can also be programmed only allowing entry during certain hours or on certain days to stop unwanted entrance.

  • Easily managed

Owners or building managers can easily manage the system from anywhere with an internet connection. It is as simple as logging into the control software and adding new members, or revoking the rights of unwanted members. Members added can simply download an app on their smartphone to access areas.

  • Easily installed

Smart locks are easily installed and even easier to use. It is also not necessary to install smart locks on all doors in one go, it can be done whenever budgets allow, and time is available.

These are just some of the benefits of using smart locks. With new models of smart locks appearing on the market, you can expect the technology to get even better.

About the ML 300 smart lock

The ML300 is a brand new entry-level smart lock. Boosting all the features of an average smart lock, this one also comes with an extra, highly valuable feature: It can be locked and unlocked via voice command. All you need to do is pair it with your Amazon Echo or Google Nest device. The ML300 also has the benefit of viewing log histories, and locking or unlocking via an additional Bluetooth Gateway.

Want to invest in smart locks for your business?

Talk to the team at Ensol Technologies. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the Smart Buildings sector and will help you with any query, big or small!

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