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What is building access control?

Access control is a security measure used to regulate individuals that can view, use, or have access to a restricted environment. Various access control applications can be found in doors, key locks, fences, biometric systems, motion detectors, badge system, etc.

Electronic access control systems replace physical locks and keys with keyless access control solutions. People are granted or denied access to restricted areas, including office suites, storage facilities or parking garages using entry devices such keypads, card readers, biometric scanners, boom gates, turnstiles, and intercom systems, to name a few.

Building access control systems can give audit trails that provide additional information on all people in the building at a given time, what areas they are in, how long they stayed and when they left. The audit trail provides valuable information during an investigation when needed.

Types of electronic access control systems for buildings / offices

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When deciding on the type of keyless access control system to use, it is important to consider specific business security needs. There are three basic types:


Users enter an assigned code into a keypad to obtain entry. The devices are re-programmable if a code is compromised and needs to be changed. Each user is given a unique code, so it becomes possible to create an audit trail for each person.

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Users are issued smartcards or key fobs that have magnetic strips or microchips that contain the information about the card holder in terms of access permissions or restrictions. These are presented to the card reader, allowing or denying entry.


These are increasingly being used in buildings as advances in technology. Human characteristics such as a person’s retina, fingerprint or handprint are used to verify identity using a small screen or scanner. This can be used on its own or can sometimes be used in addition to an access card as added security. Since a fingerprint or a person’s retina is unique to everyone, it gets very difficult to forge and are, therefore, considered more secure than swipe or proximity cards.


Our building access control systems have network-controlled operation capable of tracking and monitoring door use for locations.

Invest access control today

Keep your occupants, tenants, and assets safe by having a plan to secure access to the right people and the right area in your building. If you are interested in an access control solution and have questions or require advice, contact our team now.


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