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Smart building solutions for businesses

Modern businesses are constantly looking for more efficient energy usage, increased security and solutions for improved convenience. An effective way of achieving these goals is to incorporate technology and automation into buildings.

Buildings use advanced technology to run operating systems such as lighting, heating, and security more efficiently. These are called smart buildings. They use a range of technology, including sensors and actuators, that connects systems to optimise them through automation to make buildings more efficient, cutting costs and lowering their environmental impact.

Benefits of investing in smart technology for buildings

Smart buildings have countless benefits for various operations. These include:

  • Efficient energy usage

Smart operating systems work to lower energy usage in a variety of ways. For example, they can be programmed to switch lights off at certain times or keep heating systems at the most energy-efficient levels.

  • Enhanced security 

Buildings operating with smart systems can implement more secure access solutions, such as wireless sensors, smart locks and automated doors and gates. Business owners can programme these systems to control access remotely and manage the admission of occupants more securely.

  • Centralised remote accessible 

Smart buildings are connected to the internet, which makes it easy to control their operating systems and make changes or correct faults remotely.

  • Increase productivity

Smart buildings are specifically designed to provide a more comfortable experience for their occupants. They raise standards and ensure that considerations regarding health and safety are always being met.

  • Saving costs 

For many business owners, smart buildings sound like an expensive solution, but the savings in the long run far outweigh the initial cost. Smart buildings help lower energy use and save money by getting users to change their habits and be more sustainable.

Types of smart building solutions

With smart buildings, the options are endless. Some of the most popular types of smart building solutions include:

  • Automated heating and cooling

Temperature control uses a lot of energy. Automated systems can assist in making it more energy efficient by keeping only occupied parts of the building at a certain temperature and switching off temperature control in parts where it is not needed.

  • Information systems

These systems acquire data from other systems or devices, aggregate and provide reporting and visualisation tools to help understand trends. These systems also enable decisions to be made and action to be taken more precisely.

  • Remote access to controls

Operators and repairers can access operating systems of smart buildings remotely. This can be very helpful in case of emergencies when electricity or water systems need to be switched off.

  • Access management

Access to your business is a key security factor. You can automate this process by installing CCTV systems and access points. Access points can work with both biometrics and ID Cards.

Interested in smart solutions?

If you have a question about smart technology for buildings or want more information about the different solutions available, talk to the team at Ensol Technologies today. We will help you to establish your needs and find the best solutions for your requirements.

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