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Innovative Building Security Solutions

Business owners face challenges daily and need to constantly find proactive solutions. One of these challenges is building security. Securing a building protects a business’ physical property, intellectual property, and personal wellbeing. An effective plan for building security can also give employees and customers peace of mind.

Today, there are many different building security technologies to choose from, each with its own unique benefits. Let’s explore some innovative security technologies for business owners and which ones are best for you:

Modern building security solutions

  • Access control 

Access control is normally used as the first line of defence. The system typically works with pre-approved credentials to ensure only staff or approved persons can enter a building. Access control works with either biometrics or access cards, with biometrics being the most effective option. This can include the scanning of fingerprints or facial recognition. Access control is highly efficient and can be integrated with many other security systems.

  • Smart locks 

These innovative locks have become increasingly popular. Smart locks include electric locks or hydraulic locks fitted to doors in a building. The advantages of these locks are that they will only allow pre-approved staff or persons into a building or certain parts of a building. Smart locks can also be operated via phone apps, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth to allow or restrict access. The less advanced locks can be opened with a code that needs to be punched in on a screen or a card that needs to be swiped.

  • Intrusion surveillance

Today, the newest surveillance systems are much more advanced. Some examples include glass break detectors, vibration detectors, and acoustic detectors. These can be connected to the internet to immediately notify the responsible staff of any abnormalities.

  • CCTV systems 

CCTV is not a new technology, but it has evolved to become a highly beneficial and proactive security solution for buildings. CCTV works by recording video footage to a hard drive or uploaded to cloud storage. Today, the biggest advantage of CCTV is that it can be accessed remotely, and alarms can be set for any deviances. The system can then notify the responsible person to follow procedures for security breaches or emergencies.

Which security solution is best for your business?

Finding the best security solution for you depends on the size and type of your business, the number of assets, any potential threats, and the capital available. It is useful to do a thorough risk assessment before deciding on specific security technologies. This will point out the biggest risks and ensure you follow a top-down approach to securing your building, eliminating, or mitigating the biggest risks first.

Secure your building with the help of professionals

Being a business owner that manages staff, equipment and finances daily are already stressful. Add building security, and you have a lot to worry about. Luckily, with the many security technologies available today, it is possible to ensure your building and assets are safe and secure without you having to constantly stress about it.

If you are ready to secure your building but are unsure about the best solution for you or require advice, contact the team at Ensol Technologies today. We will help you assess your unique needs and find the best security option for you.

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