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Fingerprints as a method for secure access to buildings

With criminals becoming increasingly clever, businesses are facing more challenges monitoring access to their premises. Whether it is to monitor employees or customers or to check for movement outside of working hours, having the ability to accurately control who enters a business can help to safeguard valuable assets.

Innovative biometric technologies, such as fingerprint access, have become increasingly more popular among business owners who are looking for innovative and new safety measures. These technologies are designed to easily achieve enhanced control over who enters premises. They are also beneficial to the safety of employees and contribute to the privacy of sensitive assets.

Many assume that these technologies are extremely expensive due to being so advanced, and only available to major players in the business. However, on the contrary, these technologies are increasingly more accessible and available to buy off the shelf at a fraction of the price they cost a few years back.

How does fingerprint access control work?

Firstly, a database is created with the stored fingerprints of allowed staff or visitors. This database will contain their fingerprints and all their relevant details. This database will usually be uploaded to a cloud and linked to the physical system where the visitors will scan their fingerprints.

Similar to the unlocking function on many smartphones, fingerprint systems use the stored database of individuals’ fingerprints and identify the one scanned at the entrance or exit. If a system identifies the person scanning, it will allow access and store the date, time and details of the person entering the premises.

All this data is presented through an interface app or software, which can be used to check historical entrances and exits to the premises.

Benefits of using fingerprint access control systems

There are countless benefits to using fingerprint access systems. Some of these include:

  • No bypassing 

It is near impossible to bypass this sort of system as you physically need the allowed person’s fingerprint. It is not a code-operated or keycard system where an unauthorised person can obtain the card or code and access a restricted area.

  • No lost cards 

Unlike keycard systems, there’s no need to remember a card or worry about a lost or forgotten card. There’s also no need for issuing and re-issuing cards, which saves valuable money and time.

  • Accuracy 

With a unique fingerprint scan for every person entering or exiting premises, business owners have the most accurate records possible.

Have a question? Need advice?

If you’re interested in implementing a fingerprint access system or any other biometrics access control solution, talk to the team at Ensol Technologies. We will help you make an informed decision regarding your unique situation.

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