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Facial recognition for building access: How it works

Security and access control have become increasingly more important for businesses. Unauthorised people entering properties can create major risks, not only for valuable assets and personnel but also for sensitive data and processes being leaked. Because intruders are becoming smarter, business owners need to stay at the forefront of access control and new security measures.

One of the most advanced and effective forms of access control today is the use of facial recognition systems. Facial recognition is software designed to store images of people’s faces in a database. These images are then compared against photos taken in real-time to scan for and validate similarities.

How facial recognition systems work

Facial recognition systems are programmed with biometrics to map facial features and then use similarity scores and comparison thresholds to determine whether an image taken in real-time matches an image stored in the database. The system converts images into numerical data to compare the data with the stored data. The filters used to compare the images are generated by using deep learning (DL) processes and are highly accurate.

While these systems are still being improved all the time and new technology is being introduced, they are already advanced enough to be used by many leading companies around the world.

The benefits of using facial recognition

Facial recognition is used to automate the process of access control and security at properties and has many benefits for businesses. It eliminates the need for physical security presence monitoring people entering a property and saves money in the long run. Let’s look at some of these benefits in more depth:

  • Access Control 

Having control over who enters a business is crucial. Using facial recognition is a highly effective, non-biased and mostly incorruptible way of doing so. It is also automated, making it much more convenient for businesses and can help to improve productivity.

  •   Tracking 

These systems can also track visitors or employees around the workplace and have real-time info on where they are at what time.

  • Security 

It is undeniable that security is one of the most important factors to any business. Facial recognition adds an extra layer of protection to the extent that businesses can monitor exactly who enters and exits a property. Historic records are also available and can be investigated whenever needed.

Is facial recognition worth it?

Many leading businesses around the world have opted to use this as a method of access control and security with highly satisfying results. While the technology is still on the expensive side, the payback term is very short considering all the benefits involved.

Today, facial recognition technology has been developed to a stage where it is commercially available and tested with great results. If you’re interested in learning more, contact the team at Ensol Technologies today.

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