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02/08/2022 0 Comments

With criminals becoming increasingly clever, businesses are facing more challenges monitoring access to their premises. Whether it is to monitor employees or customers or to check for movement outside of working hours, having

30/06/2022 0 Comments

Security and access control have become increasingly more important for businesses. Unauthorised people entering properties can create major risks, not only for valuable assets and personnel but also for sensitive data and processes

01/06/2022 0 Comments

In today's fast-paced and highly digital world, marketers have to meet their target audience where they are, offering enhanced convenience. This involves determining exactly which platforms the target audience is interacting with and

24/04/2022 0 Comments

Today, modern businesses are all about simplifying and being more effective. Simple structures and systems ensure enhanced productivity while saving valuable time and money. Access control and security are two processes that can

22/03/2022 0 Comments

Modern businesses are constantly looking for more efficient energy usage, increased security and solutions for improved convenience. An effective way of achieving these goals is to incorporate technology and automation into buildings. Buildings

02/03/2022 0 Comments

Automation solutions have become increasingly popular among business owners over the last few years. Door and gate automation offers an effective way of securing business premises and provides the convenience of saving time

19/01/2022 0 Comments

Business owners face challenges daily and need to constantly find proactive solutions. One of these challenges is building security. Securing a building protects a business' physical property, intellectual property, and personal wellbeing. An

20/12/2021 0 Comments

Building automation is one of the most important factors in the creation of smart buildings. Smart buildings are becoming increasingly popular these days. These buildings are built with systems that can reduce or

19/10/2021 0 Comments

If you require a way to broadcast or project sound and address people in a building or at a venue, you need a PA system. These systems come in many different forms and

04/10/2021 0 Comments

Businesses must track employee attendance to keep accurate payroll records, calculate benefits, or adhere to labour regulations. But the task of tracking attendance is often very labour-intensive for everyone involved. As a result,

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