Hassle-free Building Maintenance Services and Professional Thermal Inspections

We offer integrated solutions  in the aim to measure, analyse and efficiently optimise.
At Ensol Technologies (Pty) Ltd we specialise in building security systems, CCTV and other security equipment installations and maintenance, access control and alternative leading edge solutions for your business and/or home.

We are passionate about what we do, thereby securing optimal results in all disciplines of our  expertise, which ranges from small, single stand-alone Building Management Systems (BMS), Building Security Systems and Energy Management Systems (EMS) to large enterprise converged solutions.

We deliver solutions customised for each client by combining our proven process, service and technology expertise  with industry thought leadership to guarantee predictable outcomes.

Brands That Trust Ensol Technologies

Our solutions are designed to add business value, we always deliver on time and within budget.

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Design and consultation

Every project sees us analysing the task and identifying your requirements before designing a solution.


Should you require maintenance on any of your systems, we are able to thoroughly service it.

Service level agreements

We provide service level agreements to all our clients to ensure top-quality services and products.


We formulate a tailored solution for you and implement it to your installation requirements.

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Our expertise in leading edge technology sets us apart.